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About the Department

Welcome to the Foreign Languages Program. In choosing a foreign language as an area of study, you will not only be preparing yourself for an interesting and rewarding career but you will also be learning to better comprehend the world in which we live and work.

Students at Berea College can take courses in, major or minor in, Classical Languages (Latin and Greek), French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. Classical Hebrew is also taught. Beginning courses are taken by those who have no previous foreign language experience. For students who have had some foreign language study in high school or elsewhere, a waiver test, administered by members of the Foreign Language Department, usually determines the proper advanced level, either in the language (including conversation) or literature. Up-to-date methods and aids, including a digital language laboratory and computer assisted instruction are used to provide the excellent instruction in all foreign language courses.

All the language programs at Berea College are designed to help students learn and understand the language, literature, and culture of others countries. A major emphasis in the modern languages is on developing an ability to speak, read, and write in French, German, and Spanish. An important step in reaching these goals is our Term Abroad Program. Foreign language students may qualify to study either in Germany/Austria, France, Italy/Greece (for classical studies), Mexico or Spain, with a percentage of the expenses paid by departmental grants. All students have the opportunity to study and travel in Europe, Asia and Latin America during the summer.

Students taking foreign language courses also have the opportunity to take part in activities on campus throughout the year. There are clubs, language tables, and foreign films.

The Labor Program provides still another way to pursue an interest in foreign languages. Within the department, jobs are available for tutors, language laboratory and teaching assistants, secretaries and clerical assistants.

Why Study Foreign Languages?

If you decide to include foreign language in your studies at Berea, you will find that you have taken an important step in preparing for a career in today’s world. There is an increasing demand for people with foreign language skills in business (from executive and managers to salespersons and secretaries), health professions, state and federal governments (a wide range of positions), and teaching. Many students at Berea College have double majors; e.g., Spanish and Nursing, French and Political Science, German and Business, etc.

Berea College’s foreign language faculty are well-trained and experienced. The instructors have lived, worked, studied or traveled extensively abroad. They are dedicated to quality teaching and are eager to help students both in and out of the classroom.

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