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Recognized as one of Kentucky’s most selective colleges, Berea College combines academic rigor with a diverse and supportive learning community. We encourage our students to explore opportunities that will make their four years unforgettable—from studying abroad, to paid internships and labor positions that allow them to explore their range of interests.

The Berea Experience

Student-to-Faculty Ratio

That's one faculty member for every eight students.

Total Student Body

Our students come from 45 states, 1 U.S. Territory and 70 countries.

Percentage of recent graduates who participated in at least one internship, service-learning course, education abroad or undergraduate research opportunity

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Explore Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in null fields.
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Faculty Stories
Dr. Troy Messina
Professor of Physics; Chair of Physics Department

We work to develop well-rounded students who can write and speak about physics as well as they can experiment and perform theoretical calculations. We offer a very hands-on curriculum with active learning classrooms. Students also learn computational methods to simulate and model physics.

Portrait of Dr. Troy Messina

Majors and Minors

Berea College offers majors in 33 fields of study, along with 39 minors that can lead to Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and/or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees. Don’t see your exact major? An Independent Major option is available to students who want to pursue a customized field of study that isn’t already an established major program.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Because the challenges of the world are not bound by academic discipline, Berea offers a variety of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary academic options to ensure you are prepared as broadly as possible for the world awaiting you. 

This is my Classroom

Study Abroad

Eddie '23 studying abroad in Italy
Autumn '23 studying abroad in London

Whether you find yourself watching a show in London’s West End, hiking through the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador, cuddling with koalas in Australia or negotiating in a Ghanaian market, abroad could be the best place you’ll take your academic career. Let Berea College help you explore the world!

No other college in the nation offers study abroad scholarships and financial aid packages as generous as the ones Berea grants. That’s because we want your pursuit to learn, work or volunteer abroad as accessible to you as possible.

Labor Program

We do things differently at Berea College.

Berea College is one of ten federally recognized Work Colleges. We hire every student to work in campus positions that enhance your education and prepare you for life after college. When Berea students enter the professional world, the experience they have gained in the Labor Program gives them an advantage over graduates from other schools.

Unlimited Access

Cody Myers ’17 credits his role as a student programmer as fundamental in his college education, and as the reason he landed a job at Red Hat, an IBM subsidiary software company.

Emely Zavala at desk with Google on screen
Because Of Berea: Emely’s Story

As a student, Emely Alfaro-Zavala ’21 worked in IS&S, then as a computer science teaching assistant. Now, she works at Google.


From the classroom to the workplace—take what you’ve learned and turn it into experience. Work with our Office of Internships and Career Development to find or create your ideal internship. Get guidance on receiving academic credit and requesting funds to make it possible.

Employers Hire Berea Grads
Jason McKerr
Vice President for Engineering: Management and Automation

I hired my first Berea intern, and she went from intern to senior software engineer in less than 3 years. This has never happened in my experience. I hired my second Berea intern, and he is on the same track. I want to know what you are doing differently at Berea.