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Why Study Abroad?

One of the surest indicators of a high-quality educational experience is being able to study abroad. And because Berea College offers students a top-notch education without ever charging students tuition, it also subsidizes the cost of studying abroad. Providing students funding to go abroad is a big reason why nearly half of Berea students study abroad in more than 67 countries during their time at the College.

Eddie '23 studying abroad in Italy

If you spend time abroad, you will begin your journey toward global citizenship. You will broaden your perspectives in deep ways. You’ll have an enhanced résumé full of stories and opportunity. You can test out your proficiency in another language. And perhaps most important, you will likely make lifelong friendships.   

A Berea education is also about access. We believe every student should have access to high-quality, affordable study abroad opportunities regardless, particularly those who can least afford them.

Students can take advantage of Berea’s distinctive bilateral exchange agreements with universities in Greece, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and Thailand during the school year. We also offer students the opportunity to apply for international summer terms in places like Costa Rica, Ghana and Honduras, for example, to learn about different cultural practices, ecosystems and industrial development.

To learn more about what programs and opportunities are available to Berea students, visit the Center for International Education.

study abroad in egypt berea college
Experiences of a Lifetime

Shannon White ’22, Abby ’23 and Cora Allison ’22 each had their own study-abroad experiences that changed their lives.


Berea’s generous financial aid dismantles the financial barriers that prevent so many students from pursuing education outside the United States. We offer unparalleled scholarships and resources to students looking to learn, work or volunteer in other countries. When our scholarships don’t cover the full cost of a trip abroad, we work with students to identify external scholarships to cover additional expenses.


Students who apply through Berea’s Center for International Education are automatically considered for a Berea College study abroad scholarship, gain access to information about international programs and have the support of a team of experienced staff and peer advisors.

There is absolutely no reason to let cost prevent you from studying abroad. It’s another reason why Berea believes so strongly that every admitted student is worth so much more than the tuition one can afford.