Political Science
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Political Science

Graduates receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science (PSC). A minor is also available. As an interdisciplinary major that operates through philosophical, historical, and behavioral lenses, PSC provides an understanding of how people attempt to deal with ordered relationships in institutions through the study of political organizations. Students might pair their PSC major with a minor in Sociology, Philosophy, Economics and Business, or Peace and Social Justice Studies among others.

Opportunities & Internships

PSC students have done internships and gained practical experience with a vast array of organizations outside the
classroom, including but not limited to: Habitat for Humanity, activist groups, State legislatures, the United Nations, NATO, Southern Poverty Law Center, Shephard Alliance, Mountain Association for Community Economic Development, City Managers office, the White House, as well as local and national political campaigns.

The Political Science department has several awards and scholarships for majors with excellent scholarly work. The C. Louis Smith Award is named after the former political science professor and Dean of the College (author of The Great Commitments of Berea College). It is awarded each year to the outstanding student in political science. The Albert G Memorial Scholarship in Social Studies is awarded annually for excellence in the study of economics, business administration, history, sociology, political science and psychology.

Students might partake in extracurriculars such as the Political Science Association, Model African Union, Moot Court, or Berea’s Speech and Debate Team.

Careers & Outcomes

Our liberal arts perspective and rigorous emphasis on analysis, writing, and speaking prepares students for careers in almost any area while being politically literate and good citizens. Berea Political Science graduates find employment or continue their studies in a wide variety of fields and occupations, including but not limited to:

  • Policy Analysts
  • Law
  • Education
  • Government service
  • Journalism

In four short years, the Berea College Political Science department oversaw and encouraged my intellectual development as I grew from an idealistic student to a researcher and scholar.