About Facilities Management

The Mission of the Facilities Management Department is to assist Berea College in meeting the goals of the Strategic Plan by effectively and efficiently managing the maintenance and operation of the facilities and services under it’s jurisdiction to the extent resources allow. We strive to do this by producing high quality services through team work and recognizing the importance of people, those receiving and those delivering the service.


  1. To provide and care for the physical assets that support the goals & objectives of Berea College, creating an environment conducive to learning. This includes academic, rental, and residence hall properties and grounds.
  2. To improve satisfaction of the people for whom we provide services and be the provider of choice.
  3. To create an atmosphere of shared responsibility in which all Facilities Management staff have the opportunity to contribute in the process of continually improving the services we provide, faculty, staff, students, guests, and alumni. Develop the capacities of individuals while forging a caring campus community.
  4. Implement the learning goal of creating mature and critical thinkers who also have the capacity for moral reflection and personal growth.

Departmental Purpose

The Facilities Management Department maintains operations for buildings and grounds of all college owned properties excluding the Berea College Forests. There are approximately 1.6 million square feet of building space, 120 acres of land on campus and 80 acres off campus that are maintained for the campus community. This includes all academic, residential and rental properties. Routine repairs and maintenance are performed on a planned, organized and scheduled basis and includes preventative maintenance activities. This program is in effect at all times to prevent more costly repairs and maintenance.

Maintenance and Repair Requests

Requests for daily routine repairs and maintenance should be made directly to the Facilities Management office at CPO 2202, by fm_work_orders@berea.edu, through iService Desk, or call extension 3827. Facilities staff serves as the owner representative for all capital projects working closely with architects, contractors and vendors. The Facilities Management Department is located next to the student parking lot on Walnut Meadow Road.