Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Berea College Continuous Improvement exists to create and sustain a campus culture that uses lean methodology to remove “pain” and frustration from work processes. This is done to support the achievement of Berea College’s mission while also realizing hard and soft savings.

Our Vision

Our team aspires to educate the campus community through lean projects across our various departments. The ultimate goal is to inspire a norm amongst our community members (student, faculty, and staff) of using lean tools in creative ways to solve every day problems.


for the 2017-2018 fiscal year:

  • 23 completed projects with measurable improvement
    • 6 completed by Berea College students
  • Work with student teams on CI projects
  • Additional faculty/staff trained in LEAN Applied to Business Processes

Finished the 2016-17 fiscal year with:

  • 11 projects completed with savings of $123,205.84
  •  7 additional staff and 1 additional faculty member trained in LEAN Applied to Business Processes
  • 2 UT and 2 BC Greenbelt Certifications awarded
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