Our Services

Our Services

At the Office of Continuous Improvement, we offer two groups of services that can help your office or team improve its efficiency. The first group is called Quick Improvement Solutions, and the second group is called Green Belt Certification and Facilitation. Click on this link to learn more about our Green Belt Certification service.

Under our Quick Improvement Solutions service, we partner with divisions, departments, or individuals to review processes and find ways to make work easier. We offer solutions to common workplace challenges, including but not limited to, space organization, standardization, and visual management.

While “Spring Cleaning” helps declutter your closet once each year —this is not a long-lasting solution. Instead of just cleaning, we use the LEAN methodology of “5S” to Sort out waste and Sustain order in a physical (or digital) space for longer. Click here to see a bigger version of this image.

How we “5S” a workspace. First step: 1st Meeting and Training. Second step: Sorting. Third step: Setting in Place. Fourth step: Shining and Scanning. Fifth step: Standardization.

The WIP board has been a very useful tool for me as a maintenance scheduler. It provides me with a very quick and easy to access reminder of who is responsible for what. It also provides me with a general idea of the progress toward completion of each task.

Jeffrey Linville
Maintenance Scheduler/TMA Administrator