Dwayne Mack
Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Steve Gowler
Interim Associate Provost

Matthew Saderholm
Dean of Faculty

Rob Smith

Rob Smith
Director of Academic Assessment

Scott Steele

Scott Steele
Interim Provost;
Associate Vice President & Dean of Curriculum and Student Success

Sarah Broomfield

Sarah Broomfield
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the Faculty

Sam Cole
Senior Administrative Assistant;
Staff Forum Co-Chair

Jim Strand

Jim Strand
Executive Assistant to the Provost

Susan Vaughn

Susan Vaughn
Executive Assistant to the Provost

Student Staff

Tori Franklin

Hi, my name is Tori Franklin. I am from Greenville, South Carolina, and am a Senior here at Berea College. I am majoring in Communication with a minor in Business Administration. I heard about Berea College from my aunt. I never got to have an authentic college experience due to being a single mother. I was excited about Berea because I was able to bring my children and have them experience college life. I genuinely love Berea because there is so much diversity here. Berea has exposed me to so many different things than I would back home. I have been challenged in classes to make me think critically and to always have an open mind.

In my free time, I love to spend time with my boys and play sports with them. Also, I enjoy listening to music and reading. After I graduate from Berea, I plan to move back to South Carolina. I plan to enter Marketing and Advertising because those are the two areas I am genuinely interested in.

Tucker Finch

Hello, my name is Tucker Finch. I am a second-year student at Berea College, and I plan on declaring my major in Biology with a minor in Economics. While working as an Office Associate in the Academic Affairs Office, I also serve as a Teaching Assistant for the Biology Department. I am from Clarksville, Tennessee. A few things that I enjoy are coffee, movies, and fruit. My education at Berea College thus far has not only made me think about world issues, but it has also helped me research them and critically think of proactive ways that could be used to approach them to reach meaningful resolutions. I hope to combine my analytical and observational skills from my education and labor positions to support me in future life.

In Memoriam: Dzhoana “Joana” Ivanova and Enkhjin “Eny” Enkhbold

Two Berea College students, Dzhoana “Joana” Ivanova and Enkhjin “Eny” Enkhbold were tragically taken from the Berea community after a car accident on the evening of Friday, October 27th, 2017. Both Eny and Joana worked in the Academic Vice President’s Office.

Dzhoana “Joana” Ivanova was born and raised in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. In 2014, she moved to Kentucky and began attending Berea College. Beginning in 2015, she joined the team in the Academic Vice President’s Office as Administrative Associate. She was a senior working toward her degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Chemistry. After graduation, she was planning to enter graduate studies. Dzhoana will always be remembered for her infectious laughter and her contributions to the larger Berea community. Her light will be missed.

Enkhjin “Eny” Enkhbold came to Berea College in 2014 from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. That same year, she began working in the Academic Vice President’s Office as an Office Associate. She a senior who was majoring in psychology, and had hopes of pursuing graduate studies after this May. Eny will be remembered for her smile and her hard work ethic. Her presence will be missed. Below is the short biographical statement Eny wrote for our webpage:

“Hello! My name is Enkhjin Enkhbold (Eny). I am a senior at Berea College majoring in psychology. I am from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I love being outdoors, studying psychology, doing research on human behavior and attitudes, exploring, and getting engaged in adventurous activities. I came here as an international student with a passionate heart and a bright mind looking at my future with a smile. Berea College has offered me an excessive education that enlarged the passion of mine, developed my skills, and gave me new worldviews. I would like to extend my education and enter graduate programs in clinical psychology after my graduation from Berea College.”

A portrait of Eny with the city skyline behind her.