Service Opportunities

Service Opportunities

Service Opportunities

In CELTS, we engage students in service, but also provide opportunities for leadership and learning. Our center serves as both an operational base and service site for a host of programs. Our programs exemplify the success we have with nurturing student leaders and living the practice of learning through service. What makes our programs unique is the fact that students serve not only as volunteers but also as Program Managers and staff for each of the service-based programs we host.

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Adopt-a-Grandparent (AGP) is an outreach program for Berea elders. The program matches college student volunteers with residents of local long-term care centers. Volunteers visit with residents for at least an hour per week, and participate in special monthly programs.

AGP volunteers and staff have an opportunity to build one-on-one relationships with elders while offering both friendship and a smile. Participants often look at life from a new perspective after the experience, and learn about the past from a first-hand source, while also learning more about themselves.

For more information, call the Adopt-a-Grandparent staff at 859-985-3613.

Getting involved with Adopt-A-Grandparent is a way for me to show appreciation and support for our elders who have done so much to enrich and strengthen our communities.

Grace Par

Berea Buddies

The Berea Buddies program is dedicated to establishing long-term mentorships between Berea youth (Little Buddies) and Berea College students (Big Buddies). Volunteers serve children by offering them friendship and quality time. Big and Little Buddies meet each other every Monday or Tuesday during the academic year, except on school and national holidays, to enjoy structured activities around campus.

Little Buddies are often recommended by school-based Family Resource Centers. Mentorship matches are made based upon mutual interests of the Big and Little Buddies, such as sports, reading, or crafts.

For more information, call the Berea Buddies staff at 859-985-3805.

As a child, I had to grow up fast due to circumstances outside my control. I grew up in a single-parent home and had to be the “daddy” for my younger brother and sister. Berea Buddies has given me the opportunity to give back to the community by allowing me to pass on values and skills to the younger generation. The program has also allowed me to share and experience a piece of the childhood I lost through my little buddy.

Carlos A. Aguilar

Berea Teen Mentoring

Berea Teen Mentoring (BTM) brings Berea community youth, from ages 13-18, into a group setting for mentorship and enrichment programs. Staff members are assisted during the weekly program by Berea College student volunteers, who act as mentors for these program participants. The mission of the program is to stimulate and cultivate personal growth for young adults in the Berea community. BTM does this by creating opportunities for meaningful relationships in a safe, fun, and intellectually stimulating environment of integrated service and learning.

Participants come to campus once a week to eat dinner with staff and volunteers at Mountaineer Dining Services. BTM then travels to the CELTS office in Stephenson Hall where teens, staff, and volunteers participate in a variety of educational, skill-building, recreational, and service activities. The overall goal of BTM programs is to provide a safe space for program participants to learn valuable life lessons and skills through interaction with their mentors and peers. In addition to the weekly program, BTM provides various community service projects for teens to participate in, both within and outside of the program.

For more information, please contact the Berea Teen Mentoring staff at 859-985-3613 or send us an email at

Berea Tutoring

Berea Tutoring provides an encouraging atmosphere for local students who need help in achieving academic success, and for college volunteers who want to learn more about teaching or volunteering. Our mission is to increase conceptual understanding in academic subject areas, enrich educational experiences, and build self-confidence by providing college-aged tutors to local school children.

The tutoring staff provides guidance and materials to volunteers, who agree to tutor two students for two hours each week. Matches between tutors and students are made based on referral forms received from teachers, and the skills and talents of the volunteers.

We can be reached by phone at 859-985-3805.

My child was more excited about reading and showing us what he learned. He also seems more confident with his spelling tests at school; he used to hide them and draw sad faces on the tests. Now he is excited to show us the spelling words he got correct.

A parent

Habitat for Humanity

The Berea College Collegiate Chapter of Habitat for Humanity works with the local Habitat International Affiliate to serve residents in Madison and Clark counties. Each Saturday the program organizes volunteer opportunities, including home improvement, work at the local Habitat Re-Store, and Rent-A-Worker projects. Student volunteers also participate annually in the Habitat International Collegiate Challenge, which serves as an alternative Spring Break. Recent destinations have included Pennsylvania, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Alabama.

Through the work of Habitat for Humanity International, thousands of low-income families have found hope through affordable housing. Hard work and volunteering have resulted in the organization sheltering more than two million people worldwide.

For more information, call the Berea College Collegiate Chapter of Habitat for Humanity staff at 859-985-3616.

People Who Care

People Who Care (PWC) helps to connect Berea College students with organizations and opportunities that promote change through advocacy, education, action, and direct community service. Volunteers may serve at local shelters, work with the Fair Trade University Campaign, or help to raise awareness about local issues like domestic violence, homelessness, fair trade, and AIDS awareness education. Students are welcome to participate as volunteers in PWC’s projects.