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The Berea Buddies program is dedicated to establishing long-term mentorships between Berea youth (Little Buddies) and Berea College students (Big Buddies). Volunteers serve children by offering them friendship and quality time. Big and Little Buddies meet each other every Monday or Tuesday during the academic year, except on school and national holidays, to enjoy structured activities around campus.

As a child, I had to grow up fast due to circumstances outside my control. I grew up in a single-parent home and had to be the “daddy” for my younger brother and sister. Berea Buddies has given me the opportunity to give back to the community by allowing me to pass on values and skills to the younger generation. The program has also allowed me to share and experience a piece of the childhood I lost through my little buddy.

Carlos A. Aguilar

Little Buddies are often recommended by school-based Family Resource Centers. Mentorship matches are made based upon mutual interests of the Big and Little Buddies, such as sports, reading, or crafts.

To enroll your child (Participant) in the Berea Buddies Program, please fill out the forms below:

If you are a Berea College student and would like to be a Big Buddy, please fill out the application below and email it to