Berea Teen Mentoring

Berea Teen Mentoring

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For more information, please contact the Berea Teen Mentoring staff at 859-985-3613 or send us an email at

Berea Teen Mentoring (BTM) brings Berea community youth, from ages 13-18, into a group setting for mentorship and enrichment programs. Staff members are assisted during the weekly program by Berea College student volunteers, who act as mentors for these program participants. The mission of the program is to stimulate and cultivate personal growth for young adults in the Berea community. BTM does this by creating opportunities for meaningful relationships in a safe, fun, and intellectually stimulating environment of integrated service and learning.

Participants come to campus once a week to eat dinner with staff and volunteers at Mountaineer Dining Services. BTM then travels to the CELTS office in Stephenson Hall where teens, staff, and volunteers participate in a variety of educational, skill-building, recreational, and service activities. The overall goal of BTM programs is to provide a safe space for program participants to learn valuable life lessons and skills through interaction with their mentors and peers. In addition to the weekly program, BTM provides various community service projects for teens to participate in, both within and outside of the program.