Mountain Day landscape of the pinnacles

Improving the lives of Appalachian families

The Berea College Appalachian Fund supports nonprofit organizations working to improve the quality of life in central Appalachia through the priority areas of:

  • health,
  • education,
  • social services, and
  • folk arts and cultures

The Fund generally conducts separate annual competitions for health, education, and social services funding and for targeted folk arts and cultures funding. Application and reporting guidelines are available under the Application Process webpage. Returning grantees should note that there may be changes to the application and reporting process.

While we hope the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is behind us, we recognize that we must remain vigilant. We strongly encourage our partners to take advantage of COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters that are available to help protect yourself and vulnerable individuals in your community. If you choose to submit a proposal for funding, please give some thought to developing a contingency plan so that you can adapt your program as may be necessary should new variants emerge.