The Berea College Appalachian Fund supports organizations working to improve the

  • health,
  • education and
  • general welfare of people living in the Appalachian Mountains and surrounding areas.

Except for emergency situations, the Fund reviews grant proposals annually. Updated applications for the 2022 funding cycle are now available. See Application Process for grant application and report guidelines. Repeat grantees should note the changes in the application process, particularly about the length of the grant narratives.

Here at the Appalachian Fund we believed that we were turning the corner on the pandemic just a few short weeks ago. That is clearly not the case here in the middle of September. Consequently we are asking all applicants for 2022 grant funding to address in their proposals how the extension of pandemic restrictions will affect the work to be funded, and also to consider the best contingency plan, which would be a return to something like normal. Normal being in this case how we all conducted ourselves professionally just wo years ago, or as close to that as we reach in the next year.