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Appalachian Fund

Appalachian Fund

Appalachian Fund

Improving the Lives of Appalachian Families

The Berea College Appalachian Fund supports nonprofit organizations working to improve the quality of life in central Appalachia through the priority areas of:

  • health,
  • education,
  • social services, and
  • folk arts and cultures

The Fund generally conducts two separate annual competitions for (1) health, education, and social services funding and (2) targeted folk arts and cultures funding. Application and reporting guidelines are available under the Application Process webpage. Returning grantees should note that there may be changes to the application and reporting process.

We are very grateful for our many nonprofit partners across the region. Appalachian Fund grantees do amazing work in their local communities, bringing to realization the original vision of making life better for the people of central Appalachia. Funded organizations provide a wide range of services that help to nurture, educate, develop, heal, advocate, protect, enrich, strengthen, encourage, honor, and respect the magnificent people of this beloved region. We welcome proposals from potential partners who share this deep commitment to serve.

History and Mission

Herbert Faber and Ruth McGurk Faber established the Appalachian Fund in 1950. Mr. Faber was a co-inventor of Formica. Faber was impressed by the character and loyalty of the Appalachian employees in his Cincinnati factory. With the fund, he sought to improve the lives of these Appalachian workers and their families.

In 1987, the Appalachian Fund dissolved and transferred $5 million to Berea College. The purpose of this was to establish the Berea College Appalachian Fund, which remains dedicated to its original mission of improving the general education, health and well-being of people living in the Appalachian Mountains and surrounding areas.

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