Sustainability refers to the capacity of a society to meet current needs without degrading
the ecological, social, and economic systems on which the society will rely for meeting future needs.

Berea College’s commitment to sustainability is integrated into its mission and stems from one of its eight “Great Commitments,” which is “to encourage in all members of the community a way of life characterized by plain living, pride in labor well done, zest for learning, high personal standards, and concern for the welfare of others.”

For Berea College, “sustainability” refers to the capacity of individuals, communities, and societies to coexist in a manner that maintains social justice, environmental integrity, and economic well-being today and for future generations. Learn more about how Berea College plans for sustainability in the Subcommittee on Sustainability Charter Document.

The story of sustainability at Berea College is one of creativity and commitment, grassroots organizing and institutional innovation. It is the story of dedicated students, faculty, staff, and administration—literally, the entire campus community.

Do you want to get involved with Sustainability on Berea College’s campus? Check out the following links to find out how you can:

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