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Jeff Reed honorary alumnus

Jeff Reed, a Berea College employee for more than 50 years, was awarded an honorary alumnus award on August 31, 2022 during Staff Forum. Congratulations, Jeff!
Photo: Crystal Wylie ’05

Staff Forum is a platform for staff to raise their collective voice in matters of importance, support a culture of civility, equity, productivity, wellness, and high morale for all who work and study at the College, create more transparency across the institution, and much more. What is developed through Staff Forum, among many other College happenings, is intended to support all positions.

Learn more about the role of Staff Forum in the College’s shared governance structure.

Staff Forum '22-'23 Meetings

All meetings take place on Wednesdays 8:30-10 a.m. in Baird Lounge, Alumni Building and via Microsoft Teams

Fall Dates

  • August 31
  • September 30 (Friday)
  • October 26
  • December 7

Spring Dates

  • January 25
  • February 22
  • March 29
  • April 19
  • May 24

Please note: The link to join via Microsoft Teams is sent out in an email to campus one week ahead of the meeting date and once more the day before.

If you’re interested in joining the Staff Forum Advisory Committee and would like to know when the SFAC meets, please see the SFAC meeting dates.

You may also view previous Staff Forum meeting minutes and agendas.

We want to hear from you

Staff can submit ideas, concerns or any form of feedback to the Staff Forum Advisory Committee (SFAC) either by emailing #StaffForumAdvisoryCommittee, contacting any of the SFAC members directly, or using one of the forms below.

The anonymous feedback remains completely anonymous and is delivered to the Staff Forum co-chairs. The co-chairs then bring the feedback before the SFAC, who then determines what to do or how to respond to the message.

Staff can also submit ideas, issues, or concerns to the Staff Liaison to the Board of Trustees by contacting them directly or using the form below.

Staff Achievements

The Staff Forum celebrates staff achievements throughout the academic year. These achievements can be both professional or personal, including awards, work, publications, life milestones, important events and more.

We would love to hear about your achievements! If you would like to submit an achievement, please fill out the online form available here or email Sam Cole.