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Where are the public printers located?

Where are the public printers located?

All campus buildings have at least one multi-function devices (MFD) which can be used as public printers, or to make traditional photocopies. The MFDs are also capable of acting as a flatbed scanner, allowing you to scan documents and save them to your own personal USB flash drive. All MFDs are capable of color document scanning, regardless of whether they can print color copies.

To send output to MFD locations, simply print to the appropriate network print queue: Follow Me Black & White (for black-and-white printing) or Follow Me Color (for color printing).  After sending your file to the queue, you can “release” (print) your document at any MFD on campus (you don’t have to send your file to a specific printer).

As mentioned above, all campus buildings have at least one black-and-white MFD. If you wish to make color copies/prints, refer to the list below.

  • Alumni Building (basement level)
  • Art Building (2nd floor of Rogers, near the entrance to the Dimitrie Berea Gallery)
  • Draper Building (second floor)
  • Hafer-Gibson (main lobby)
  • Hutchins Library (main lobby)
  • Lincoln Hall (third floor)
  • MAC Science Building (third floor)
  • Stephenson Hall (second floor, in the Connector)
  • Woods-Penniman (lower level, CPO area).