Supplemental Advising

Supplemental Advising

At Berea College, students receive advising from two types of advisors– their primary academic advisors and supplemental advisors.

  • Academic Advisor– the student’s primary point-of-contact for supporting their academic decision-making. Assigned by the College, your academic advisor communicates curriculum requirements and academic policies. They also review your course plans before registration and give you your alternate PIN, a requirement for registration.
  • Supplemental Advisors– other faculty and staff members, including labor supervisors, who advise students formally (as a part of their position on campus) or informally (using their knowledge of College policies and best practices). Supplemental advisors do not replace academic advisors. Rather, they support academic advisors in helping students make academic, professional, and personal decisions.

Office of Student Success & Transition (SST) staff serve as academic advisors and supplemental advisors. Resources included below are intended to help prepare you for conversations with your academic and supplemental advisors.