Life As an Emerging Scholar

Life As an Emerging Scholar

Individualized Support

Each Emerging Scholar gets an Academic Counselor-your go-to person on campus for any questions you have. Academic Counselors are here to connect you with resources, help you make a plan for success, and celebrate your growth. You'll meet with your Academic Counselor throughout the term to discuss topics such as:

  • Academic, career, and personal guidance
  • Setting and attaining ambitious academic goals
  • Exploring and identifying career interests and goals
  • Making an educational plan that includes classes, studying abroad, and internships
  • Adjustments to campus life
  • Studying, test taking, and other strategies
  • Understanding financial literacy
  • Clarifying college policies and procedures

The Emerging Scholars Program provides direct support for the first two years of a student’s time at Berea College, though students are welcome to stay in contact with Academic Counselors.

A Community that Gets You

As part of TRIO Student Support Services, ESP serves first-generation and low-income students. ESP gives our students a point of connection to find people who have had similar experiences that come with these identities. Through GST 101, events, trips, and programs, we help students find community at Berea College.

Experiences and Opportunities

As an Emerging Scholar, you’ll get to take part in cultural and educational trips, professional development opportunities, stress relief programs, and other opportunities to grow as a student and person.

Supporting a Smooth Transition

Coming to college can be overwhelming. As an Emerging Scholar, you'll have support to navigate the transition academically, personally, and socially.

GST 101: Strategies for Academic Success

Designed specifically for first-year Emerging Scholars and taught by ESP academic counselors, the Strategies for Academic Success course offers an exciting exploration of resources on campus. This course helps students discover their strengths to make a successful transition into college life.

Each class is taught by a member of the ESP staff in the first term of a student’s first year. Classes are held once per week for 50 minutes, giving students consistent support without overloading their schedules.

ESP Kickoff

An early start means a chance to ask questions, learn about campus, get to know other students, and settle in ahead of time. The ESP Kickoff gives incoming Emerging Scholars the opportunity to arrive on campus before Berea College’s regularly scheduled orientation.

ESP’s Kickoff includes activities to get to know other Emerging Scholars and downtime to settle in before other first-year students arrive on campus.

Students interested in attending Early Kickoff should designate interest on the Emerging Scholars application.

How Has ESP Assisted You During Your Time in the Program?

ESP has provided with me a support network of students and staff to mentor and guide me through my college career. I honestly would not be where I am in college if it was not for my ESP Counselor Laney Coleman and the support that ESP provides.

Jonathan S.| Cosby, TN| Political Science

ESP has kept me on my feet. Whenever I’m feeling uncertain of myself, I go to my ESP counselor and I walk out with a plan.

Liltoyria B.| Louisville, KY| Child & Family Studies

ESP has been an invaluable resource in my college journey thus far. Through this program, I have not only found a supportive community, but I have also been able to develop a greater sense of comfort and confidence in my academic pursuits. One of the most significant benefits of being part of ESP has been the opportunity to connect with fellow students who share similar interests and goals. With the help of this community, I have been able to establish meaningful friendships that have made my college experience much more enjoyable. ESP has provided me with a dedicated support system that has helped me navigate the challenges of college life. Whenever I have needed guidance or assistance with coursework, I know that I can turn to the program's counselors for help.

Autumn E.|Elizabethton, TN| Communications & Theater

ESP provided an immediate support system before I had even had my proper ‘first day’ at Berea. I was able to participate in the Kick-Off program where a small cohort of students was able to move in early at the beginning of our first years. This specific part of ESP, as well as every other program, class, or trip I have participated in with them, helped to make my transition into Berea less stressful and much more comfortable.

Kait F.|Flatwoods,KY| Sociology

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