Faculty Support & Achievement

The Office of Academic Affairs is dedicated to supporting students, faculty, and staff. In addition to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resources you will find here, Academic Affairs provides professional development funds, faculty awards, essential information, documents, forms. In addition, The Office of Academic Affairs regularly celebrates work well done by faculty members through events like the Faculty Colloquium Series.

Faculty Colloquium: Learn more about scholarship events celebrating the scholarly work of faculty members at Berea.

Accessible Faculty Colloquium Announcement

Faculty and Staff Scholarly & Creative Works, 2019-2020: Explore Berea College faculty & staff scholarly and creative works from the year 2019-2020.

Faculty Scholarly & Creative Works Archive: See past years of Berea College faculty & staff scholarly and creative works.

Bingham Form: The purpose of the Bingham Entertainment Fund is to encourage faculty and staff to entertain students at their homes in an effort to extend hospitality beyond the campus. To assist in doing so, reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses for food purchased to entertain students in faculty or staff homes is available through an endowed fund and will be processed upon receipt of appropriate documentation (see form) as long as the funds last.

For more information, contact Shannon Montross.

General Studies Perspective/Requirement Request Forms: Required forms for requesting that any course fulfill a General Studies perspective or requirement, as well as information about the approval process and deadlines. For more information, contact Tiffany Lindsey.

Request professional development funds using these two forms if you are a faculty member and/or a staff member in the Academic Division. For help with the faculty form, please contact Shannon Montross. For help with the staff form, please contact Sam Cole. For more information about your request as a staff member, please contact Jim Strand and/or Scott Steele.

Faculty Professional Development Request Form **

Staff Professional Development Request Form

**This form needs to be completed in one sitting.  To see the information needed for completion, please review this .pdf document.

Mentor Request for Student Conference Funds (for both faculty & staff): The Office of Academic Affairs is proud to offer student conference travel funds that either faculty or staff mentors can request on behalf of students they would like to take to specific conferences. This DocuSign form can be used to request funding up to $1500.oo for 2-4 students. For more information, please contact Nicole Ingold.

Academic Affairs Dashboard: A handy webpage that features a calendar of key dates, as well as helpful links for Department and Division Chairs, as well as faculty.

22-23 Key Administrative Dates: A list of important key administrative dates for the year as published by the Office of Academic Affairs. Includes information pertaining to tenure and promotion, assessment, advising, and other important academic dates. For more information, please contact Sam Cole.

22-23 List of Chairs, Directors, and Administrative Support: List of chairs, directors, and administrative support for all academic departments and divisions. For more information contact Susan Vaughn.

22-23 Tuesday/Thursday Sketch Document: A document to help Divisions and Departments schedule meetings around convocations, faculty meetings, and other campus events.

22-23 Academic Year Calendar: The Academic Calendar for the year as published by The Office of the Registrar.

College Catalog: The online College Catalog is the official Catalog of Berea College. The Catalog includes information like course sequencing tables, major requirements, offered courses, key academic policies, and more.

Faculty Manual: The official Faculty Manual of Berea College. This publication provides information about a variety of professional, academic, and institutional matters. It also brings together in one place a number of important statements of institutional policy, including the Personnel Policies for Faculty. The Personnel Policies explain procedures for appointment, promotion, evaluation, and tenure, and describes the relationship between the individual member of the teaching staff and the rest of the College.

It is intended that this document will help to orient those new to the College and serve as a continuing source of useful information for others. The Manual will be periodically updated as policy changes or additions are approved.

For more information, please contact Susan Vaughn.

Weekly Course Block Schedule: This handy tools illustrates various possible course offering times throughout the week at Berea and is helpful for those teaching and/or planning courses.

Academic Affairs Dashboard: A handy webpage that features a calendar of key dates, as well as helpful links for Department and Division Chairs, as well as faculty.

Center for Teaching & Learning Webpage: The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) is located in Hutchins Library and is home to Writing Resources, Student-Faculty Partnerships, the Teaching & Learning Assistants Program, and Faculty Development. For more information, please contact Rebecca Wheat.

Curriculum & Advising Webpage: This webpage contains important information about Advising for both faculty & students, as well as important curricular information and forms. It is maintained in cooperation with the Coordinator of Advising.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Webpage: Learn more about Berea’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, both yesterday and today. For more information, please contact Beth Taylor. To learn more about DEI in academic affairs, please visit this webpage.

General Studies Webpage: The General Studies Webpage hosts information about the General Studies Program and Curriculum here at Berea College. Students and faculty can find helpful information here including course proposal forms, policies and guidelines, GSTR section course descriptions, information about General Studies faculty, and more. For more information, contact Tiffany Lindsey.

Hutchins Library Webpage: Hutchins Library offers services to Berea faculty, students, staff, and the larger Berea community. Visit their webpage to learn more.

Independent Majors Information: Independent majors information is available here for students who wish to major in an area where degree programs are not already offered at Berea College. Recent degree examples include Film & Media Production, Neuroscience, Health Science, and Anthropology/Archeology.  Here you can find forms, policies, checklists, example documents, and more. For more information please contact Tiffany Lindsey.

Berea College IRB webpage: The Berea College Institutional Review Board is charged by the Federal Government with protecting human subjects involved in research. The IRB performs prospective and continuing review of protocols, the informed consent process, and the procedures used to enroll subjects in order to ensure that the human subject research is conducted ethically and in compliance with the Belmont Report, and with applicable federal, state, local and institutional requirements. Our webpage has links to Belmont Report as well as other critical background information on the formation of the IRB.

External Researcher Request Policy and Guidelines: The external researcher guidelines apply to all individuals not currently affiliated with Berea College who are interested in conducting research involving Berea College, its students, faculty, staff, or alumni.