About the Department

Festival of Spirituals

and Works by African American Composers

Saturday, February 24, 2018



Sessions on Spirituals and African American Composers, Presser Hall



Recital by Berea College Faculty and Guest Artists on Spirituals and African American Art Songs, Presser Hall



Choral Workshop, Union Church



CONCERT, including School and Church Choruses, Guest Artists, and the Festival Chorus, Union Church

Mission Statement

The Berea College Music Department recognizes that music is an essential component of a liberal arts education.  We are committed to creating an educational environment that combines the academic rigors of the discipline with the artistic standards of performance.

Through music, the Berea College Music Department affirms the college’s mission by:

  • providing a music education of high quality that relates to the liberal arts foundation and outlook
  • developing creativity and independence of thought
  • serving the community through the teacher education program, public performances and other musical opportunities
  • establishing an educational environment that respects diverse learning styles, performance styles and practices
  • providing various musical opportunities for all students on campus
  • developing awareness of music’s connection with regional, national, and international cultures
  • encouraging collaboration and teamwork
  • integrating musical experiences with the labor program to enhance professional development, promoting lifelong support and appreciation of the arts.