Welcome to the administrative offices homepage of the Labor Program at Berea College.  We invite you to browse through our pages to discover information about the program as well as resources that will assist you in your important work.   Student job descriptions, payroll forms, training aids, evaluation materials and general information about the program are among the many items that can be found here!

Berea College requires all students to work 10-15 hours per week in approved jobs on campus or in the community while carrying a full academic course load.  These work experiences provide tremendous opportunities for students to work in major related areas and to develop soft skills that future employers are looking for. Students and alumni share an overwhelming positive view of the Labor Program. The work experience, they note, “teaches you how to work”, “provides practical experience” and “genuine job perspective.”

“To provide for all students through the Labor Program experiences for learning and serving in the community and demonstrate that labor, mental and manual, has dignity as well as utility.” 

-The Fourth Great Commitment of Berea College

The Student Labor Program at Berea is based on an understanding and expectation of labor as student- and learning-centered; as service to the College and broader community, and as providing necessary work (i.e. work that needs to be done) being done well.  Students, faculty, and staff at Berea are engaged in a continuous learning environment that encourages all workers to be active learners, workers, and servers, in a place where the Christian values of human compassion, dignity, and equality are expressed and lived.

Therefore Berea expects each worker to:

  • Exhibit Enthusiasm for Learning
  • Act with Integrity and Caring
  • Value all People
  • Work as a Team
  • Serve Others
  • Encourage Plain and Sustainable Living
  • Celebrate Work Well done

These Workplace Expectations, coupled with the institution’s mission to educate the whole person, complements academic learning, builds community through shared work, and prepares the student for entry into a life of work after graduation.

All students participate in an evaluation process. Evaluation promotes student learning and professional development in the workplace, establishes standards consistent with the Workplace Expectations and Labor Learning Goals, creates a documented work performance history for each student, and fulfills Berea College and federal compliance guidelines.