About IS&S

iss_group_photo_thumInformation Systems and Services (IS&S) is the collective name of Berea College’s Information Technology department. The department consists of the following “teams” or “divisions”:

  • Technology Resource Center (TRC)
    (Mobile & Desktop Support/Classroom Technologies/Training/Media Services)
  • Enterprise Systems
    (Banner/NOLIJ/BI-Query/Web Applications/myBerea)
  • Information Technology Infrastructure
  • Administration

New Features

  • Berea365 – Berea Campus email accounts are hosted on Microsoft’s Office 365 platform.  This allows for email access anywhere an Internet connection is available, plus Word Online and many other features.
  • bereabox – Bereabox will be self-manageable and a fully supported service through the Information Systems and Services department. All Berea students, faculty and staff are provided with 50 GB of personal storage as well as access to organizational folders with unlimited storage.

Current System Outages

At this time there are no network and system outages.

Currently Scheduled System Maintenance

NOTE: Typically, when network maintenance is needed it is scheduled on Thursday evenings, but emergencies or other urgent situations may require service at other times.