Laptop Support: Students

Laptop Support: Students

All new incoming first year students will get a new Dell laptop of the published model upon signing their college EDGE agreement. (The laptop is often referred to as an EDGE laptop.) Students are to use their laptop while they are enrolled at Berea College and can then take the laptops upon graduation. Should a student withdraw prior to graduation, the laptop must be returned to IS&S. If it is not returned, the cost of the laptop will be charged to the student's account.

Students will pay for damages (plastics or screen, for example) or lost/stolen equipment (charger). Minor repairs covered by Dell warranty will be taken care of by IS&S.

Walk-in support is provided by the Helpdesk located in the Computer Center adjacent to Hutchins Library. You can also book an appointment or email at You may also find the Frequently Asked Questions page helpful.

You can view Policies and Guidelines here.

As the student owner of the computer connected to the Network, you are responsible for the behavior of users on that computer and for all network traffic to and from the computer.

  • Do not change the name of your computer or workstation.
  • Do not modify or extend network services and wiring beyond the area of their intended use.
  • Do not use electronic mail and other network communications to harass, annoy, terrify, intimidate, threaten or bother another person.
  • Do not send forged emails, chain letters, ping bombs, SPAM or perform any act which will impair the operation of the college network.
  • Do not destroy or damage equipment, software, or data belonging to the college or to others.
  • Do not store/save items onto network server unless you are saving to your personal folder or to a designated course folder.
  • Do not spread or create computer viruses.
  • Do not attempt to break into the account of another user, either in the college, or on any other computer system.
  • Do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to private information.
  • Do not use computing resources for unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications.
  • Do not use an individual computer as a router to other networks to serve in any way as an electronic gateway to non-college affiliated systems without the written permission from Director of IS&S. (If an additional server is to be added to a local area network that provides access to or from the network, permission must be granted by the Chief Information Officer).
  • Do not use computing resources of Berea College for personal or private commercial purposes or for financial gain.
  • Do not install software that is not properly licensed onto any computer. Berea College assumes no responsibility for the licensors or maintenance of software not owned by the college.
  • Do not attempt to circumvent system security or information protection schemes or uncover security loopholes, guess other passwords, access codes, or in anyway gain unauthorized access to local or network resources.

Persons in violation of Berea College Computer and Network policy are subject to the full range of sanctions, including the loss of computer or network access privileges, disciplinary action, dismissal from the college, and legal action.  Some violations may constitute criminal offenses, as outlined by local, state, and federal laws. If users have questions as to whether a particular action is acceptable, they should visit or call the Helpdesk for answers.