Laptop Support: Faculty & Staff

Laptop Support: Faculty & Staff

All faculty and staff who begin employment with Berea College will receive an encrypted Dell laptop from our supported inventory. This will also include a docking station, monitor, keyboard/mouse. All employee laptops are refreshed at a 4-year cycle. Other accessories will be refreshed when necessary. We will notify and schedule with users when due for a refresh. The IT Department will be responsible for all minor repairs of the equipment, as well as requests such as adding memory or increasing internal hard drive capacity. Employees are responsible for their own data backups.

If you have MacBook Pro and you have had it for more than four years, we will contact you to arrange an upgrade. Note that switching from a Dell laptop to a MacBook Pro requires AC approval, and new employees wanting to use a MacBook Pro require AC approval.

Desktop users: In most situations, a laptop with docking station and wide screen monitor offers greater flexibility than a typical desktop environment while still fulfilling the processing needs of the user.  However, there are situations in which a desktop is still the best option. We maintain and will upgrade desktop computers only as needed.  If you believe your desktop computer is no longer able to meet your needs, please email the Helpdesk with this request and we will assess the need for a new desktop, switch to a laptop environment, or service the computer if it is still suited to the assignment.

To request an upgrade or if you have any questions concerning the eligibility of a newer computer, please email us at

Walk-in support for your current laptop is provided by the Helpdesk located in the Computer Center adjacent to Hutchins Library. You can also book an appointment. You may also find the Frequently Asked Questions page helpful.