Audiovisual Services

Audiovisual Services

Our Audiovisual Services Team consists of two full-time staff and 6-8 students.  We work to provide all necessary audio/visual, sound, lighting and coordination needs for all major College-wide events, such as Opening Convocation, Graduation, weekly Convocations, etc.  For a list of approved priority events, click hereThe AV Team can be reached at or (859) 985-4969.

For your convenience, we have created request forms for you to use (below). Please submit the appropriate form at least two weeks in advance.  The request forms are the sole method for requesting event production support and loaner equipment.

    • Price will be determined based on needs.
    • Large scale events require 2 weeks notification prior to the event to ensure all needs are met and we have the inventory to accommodate the event.
    • Audiovisual Services will review all requests for event production services  but reserves the right to deny any request.
    • Note that all Event AV equipment abides by Berea College IT equipment depreciation guidelines.  As such, it is required that requestors be responsible for the repairs of this equipment if they are damaged, or full replacement cost at the appropriate depreciation rate if repairs are not possible.

Lightboard Studio
A lightboard is a modern teaching and presentation tool that combines the benefits of a traditional chalkboard or whiteboard with the advantages of digital technology and video recording capabilities. It enhances engagement and communication in educational and professional settings by providing a dynamic and visually appealing platform for conveying information.
To schedule time in the Studio, click on the button below.