The Berea Funding Model

The Berea Funding Model

We believe talented students shouldn’t miss out on a high-quality education simply because they cannot afford rising tuition costs. None of Berea’s 1,400-plus students are charged tuition. 

Endowment Return

Unlike other colleges where tuition supplies most of the funding, Berea invests its endowment, and the return supports 74% of our operating costs.

Federal, State Aid and Other Income

Another 18% of the annual budget comes from federal and state funding and miscellaneous income.

Berea Fund (your support)

The final 8% comes from the generous support of alumni, friends, organizations, and students who believe family incomes should not dictate students’ outcomes.

Berea relies on donors to make education possible for the students it serves. These gifts close the gap needed to complete the Tuition Promise Scholarship for each student.