Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Berea’s Great Commitments help us capture the essence of the College, and they direct our complex mission year after year. We provide a residential liberal arts education without charging tuition and every student admitted to the College works on campus in a labor position. We welcome and encourage values such as diversity, inclusion, and impartial love.

See our greatest needs and funding opportunities below and make your gift today to invest in the lives of great promise that continue to be inspired by the Great Commitments.

Destiney, Berea College student. Thanks in part to generous donors, Berea College has not charged students tuition since 1892. Your gift to Berea College is an investment in lives of great promise, helping to fund the education of bright young minds from Appalachia and beyond.
Berea Fund & Annual Scholarships

[Greatest Need] At Berea, we believe talented students should not miss out on a high-quality education just because they cannot afford one. Berea College has not charged its students tuition since 1892, and today is no exception. Earnings from the College’s endowment and federal and state grants awarded to students are two sources of the tuition support for every enrolled student. The Berea Fund is the third and final piece needed for this enduring no-tuition promise to continue for Berea’s 1,400-plus students.

tech campaign
Building a Technology Future Like No Other

Berea College envisions two future-focused buildings that will harness the power of computer science, digital media and information technology, and applied engineering and design to prepare the next generation of technology thinkers, makers, and innovators. Your financial investment in this important project will ensure that Berea’s students are equipped to be technology leaders for generations to come—in Appalachia and beyond.

The Way Out Fund

The Way Out Fund provides Berea’s students with the financial support they need to accept internship opportunities without the fear of accumulating debt. Your gift can make these hands-on experiences affordable for students by covering costs such as travel, room and board, and professional business attire.

The Janis Ian Archives Fund
The Janis Ian Archives Fund

The Janis Ian Archives is a resource for music history research, offering access to Ian’s publishing, recording, and live performance contracts, copyright paperwork, financial negotiations, and tax returns. Ongoing support is needed to preserve, catalog, and periodically display the priceless items housed in this vital one-of-a-kind resource.

African American Opportunity Fund
Carl & Deborah Thomas African American Opportunity Endowment

This fund supports the recruitment and retention of African American students. Your gift will contribute to programs such as T.R.U.T.H. Talks and the Black Male Leadership Initiative, which includes tutoring, mentoring, and skill-building resources to help students succeed both academically and socially.