Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Free or Low-Cost Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is ubiquitous. Many of the tools available are free or low-cost to use. The following is a list of Assistive Technology tools you may find useful when completing various tasks both in and out of school. Many of these technologies can assist you in completing activities more quickly, easier, or independently. The tools are classified into subcategories such as Reading, Writing, Notetaking, etc. All of the apps and programs listed are either free or cost less than $25.

We do our best to keep the listings up to date with the most recent information, as well as to include the most recent apps as soon as they are released. If you identify an error in our listing or want to share a program, software, website, or app that we should include, please contact us at

The information about the following applications has been summarized from the applications’ websites and/or from experience testing the applications. Please refer to the applications’ websites for the most up to date information.