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Disability and Accessibility Services

Disability and Accessibility Services

Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Environments

Disability and Accessibility Services

Welcome to Berea College’s Disability & Accessibility Services. DAS provides services to the Berea College community to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to all aspects of college life. We hope the information you find on this website is helpful to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, email, or in person. We look forward to working with you.

Meet the DAS Team

Color image of a Black female in an outdoor setting. The woman has long black braided hair, smiling, and wearing a gray t-shirt with white designs.

Alise is a junior Child and Family Studies major.  After graduating, Alise plans to pursue a career as a counselor or family therapist. She enjoys working at DAS because of the office environment and likes to provide help for students with disabilities. Fun facts:  favorite color is pastel yellow, SpongeBob is her comfort show, sign is a Taurus Sun and loves to tell everyone about it.

A color image of a young white female in an outdoor setting with short blond hair, smiling wearing a blue t-shirt with five white sheep.

Mary is from Springfield, KY and she plans to pursue a degree in nursing. Her interest in becoming a nurse stem from working in a nursing home for nuns. Fun facts: favorite TV show is Derry Girls and she is a Gemini Sun and Aries Moon. If you see her say hi and smile because she is probably very nervous about something or another.

A young Black male with short black hair, in an outdoor setting wearing a tan t-shirt with the Word Champion in blue cursive text.

Berhane is from Windhoek, Namibia. He is studying computer science at Berea. Fun facts: likes to make video games and YouTube videos in his free time.

A young Black female in an outdoor setting smiling and wearing a brown long sleeved shirt and a blue head scarf.

Niema, is a freshman planning to major in business administration. After college, she plans to work in marketing or management consulting. Besides business, she is passionate about political science and graphic design. She enjoys working at DAS because it allows her to assist students during their time at Berea College. Fun facts: creates posters advocating for social and environmental justice.

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