About the Department

The Communication Department combines elements of the humanities and social sciences, as well as professional programs. Like the communication discipline more broadly, our department offers a convergence of theory and practice.  The major should appeal to students seeking a broad-based, intellectually challenging course of study that will allow them to expand and deepen their understanding of the political, social, cultural, global, and historical dimensions of the communication discipline including:

  • argumentation
  • broadcast journalism
  • intercultural, interpersonal, and interracial communication
  • mass communication
  • mediation and nonviolent communication
  • persuasion
  • public communication
  • public relations
  • qualitative research
  • radio broadcasting

The department offers students in-depth exposure to the scholarship and intellectual trends in communication while allowing them to gain fundamental, hands-on skills.  We strongly encourage all of our students to pursue internships.

The breadth and rigor of the Communication Department prepares students for professional careers in communication, graduate studies, and research.  Alumni of the department have taken jobs in education, media, journalism, public relations, and the nonprofit and service sectors.  They have enrolled in graduate programs in communication, education, law, and public policy.

Our department also offers a minor in broadcast journalism, a minor in communication, and is the home of Berea College News & Radio.