About the Communication Program

This is a student-created documentary about Berea College’s Communication & Broadcast Journalism Program. Our program houses a student PR firm that creates media materials for nonprofit and for-profit organizations as part of their academic studies and a production studio that produces WBER Berea College News and WBER Berea College Radio. For more information, please email Dr. Billy Wooten, Professor of Communication and Broadcast Journalism at wootenb@berea.edu.

The Communication program at Berea is uniquely one of the most hybrid, interdisciplinary programs at Berea.

We combine elements of the social sciences and the humanities as well as the traditional liberal arts and professional programs. We offer such a variety of courses, that we are the perfect example of the convergence that characterizes the communications disciplines.

Communication is intended for students seeking a broad-based, intellectually challenging course of study that will allow them to expand and deepen their understanding of the political, social, cultural, global, and historical dimensions of such communication disciplines as:

  • public relations
  • broadcast journalism
  • interpersonal communication
  • intercultural and
  • interracial communication.

The program offers students in-depth exposure to the scholarship and intellectual trends in communication while allowing students to gain fundamental, hands-on skills in advertising, public relations, journalism, mediation, and media production.

The breadth and rigor of our Communication program prepare students to pursue graduate studies and research, and/or professional careers in communication.

Graduates of the program have enrolled in graduate school or law school, and have landed countless entry-level professional positions in design, journalism, and public relations.

Our students experience a wide range of curricular offerings from two different tracks:

  • Communication and Cultural Identity
    • intercultural communication
    • gender communication,
    • interracial communication, etc. and
  • Strategic Communication
    • organizational communication
    • public relations
    • broadcast journalism
    • radio production, etc.

Most recently, our program expanded the strategic track to include a minor in broadcast journalism.

We also house the Berea College Speech and Debate Team as well as WBER: Berea College News and Radio.