Past Exhibits

Past Exhibits

Here’s some of our past exhibitions.  Click on a tile for more on that exhibit. 

Black and white image of Bereans during World War II
Berea during the Great War

Explore two significant events that affected the Berea College community during World War I.

students gather in a circle around a campfire
Ciara’s Appalachia: Almost Heaven

Berea student, and LJAC student employee, Ciara Felty selected five images that unpack some of her journey as an Appalachian.

Feet walking on a street
Begin Beneath Your Feet

A Journey Through Four Lands, photos by Libby Jones

drawing of a girl jumping up in the air
Librarians, Entrepreneurs, & Storekeepers

A reflection on Appalachian protagonists throughout children’s literature, featuring characters from more than six Appalachian states.

page from a mail order catalogue
Before Amazon

Mail-order shopping in America

Image of a Hutsul Plate
Ukrainian Carpathians and American Appalachia

Considering Kindred Lands presents two bilingual banner exhibitions originally prepared for the Appalachian-Carpathian International Conferences held in Ukraine in 2013 and 2017.

Photograph of two Ukrainian women
Meeting Ukraine

The Places Between Photographs by Greta McDonough

Black and white image of past Berea College labor students from different jobs
Berea Made, Berea Served

All students at Berea College have worked in the Student Labor Program since its official beginning in 1906.

Mine sticker
The Mullins Family Coal Mining Sticker Collection

In underground coal mines, stickers on helmets, lunch pails, and equipment deliver messages, allow miners to personalize their environment, and increase safety.

Modern Tintypes of Folk Musicians

Seventeen tintype photographs of contemporary Appalachian folk musicians, primarily from Kentucky.

Sound accessories in exhibit display
Sounds of Song and Dance

Highlighting several recent additions to the Appalachian Studies Teaching Artifacts Collection that relate to dance, music, and sound.

A close up of a plant in a raised bed
Raised Bed Garden

Grow Appalachia staff show just how much food can be produced in a 3ft. by 7ft. raised bed garden.

photo of a cryptid with red eyes
Stories of Cryptids from Appalachia & Kentucky

Introducing eight interesting cryptids found in Appalachian and Kentucky folklore and literature.

wall of framed photographs
Photography and Writing: Tools for Conservation

Participants explored the southwest landscape of deserts, mountains, and canyons through photography and creative writing.

Photo of Sara Carr installing her exhibit
Sarah’s Appalachia

Berea student Sarah Carr selected five images of places connected to her hometown, Sever County, Tenn.

Photo of a Bristol, Tenn., entrance at sunset
East Tennessee Poster Showcase

Four Berea College students each created a poster about their chunk of the East Tennessee world

Glass bowl full of marbles
Made in Appalachia

Exploring Appalachian material culture beyond the artifacts stereotypically associated with the region.

Drawing of a horse by Peter Josyph
All the Pretty Horses

Ten works on paper by New York artist Peter Josyph.