Office of Admissions Staff

Debora Alexander – Communication Operations Assistant

Kahlil Baker – Coordinator of Minority Recruitment

Jessica Burke – Coordinator of Marketing, Digital, and Print Communications

Kenny Cullings – Admissions Counselor

Alejandro Galeana-Salinas – Admissions Representative

Timothy Hammett – Admissions Representative

Luke Hodson – Associate Vice President of Admissions

Genae Knowles – Admissions Representative

Denessa McPherson – Coordinator of Campus Visits and Events

Shelley Park – Family Engagement Counselor

Jacob Patton – Assistant Director of Admissions—Information Systems & Data Administration

Jessica Pena – Associate Director of Admissions—Recruitment & Outreach

Frank Polion – Coordinator of Minority Recruitment

Alicia Riley – Admissions Counselor

Matthew Quarles – Senior Admissions Counselor, Transfer & Readmit Liaison

Bailee Raber – Campus Visits & Events Associate

Danielle Robbins – Communication & Information Analyst

Liam Taylor – Admissions Representative

Nicole Watson – Admissions Counselor

Kevin Willis – Campus Visits & Events Associate

Lizbeth Wilson – Admissions Counselor, BereaCorps Liaison