Jason Miller
Jason Lee Miller
Sr. Director of Brand Voice & Content
Jason Miller
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Marketing and Communications Building 119
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If Marketing and Communications were staffed by the Golden Girls, Jason would be Sophia. (Picture it, Kentucky, 1998…) A natural storyteller, Jason crafted his first tale in the second grade—four pages, front and back, on college ruled paper—and hasn’t stopped writing since. His essays, articles, poetry, book reviews, short fiction and nonfiction compositions have appeared in numerous publications, print and online, domestically and internationally.

After a stint in Japan teaching conversational English, Jason began his career as a web journalist covering the burgeoning e-commerce spaces that included search engine marketing and optimization, online consumer behavior, internet law, professional blogging and social media for an audience that peaked at about 2 million. His articles have been republished, quoted or cited in The New York Times, The Huffington Post,, PBS’s Charlie Rose, the Yale Journal of Law and Technology and numerous textbooks in the United States and abroad. Among all the articles he wrote, his favorite piece was titled “Alyssa Milano Knows I Exist.”

After Jason finished his graduate work in 2008, his extended critical essay, “Quantum Fiction,” was published, and he entered the world of higher education. As an adjunct English composition instructor at Eastern Kentucky University, Jason was nominated for Critical Thinking Teacher of the Year in 2011 and 2012 and won the Bluegrass Community and Technical College faculty poetry competition. During that time period, he spent a few years developing rural first responder training programs for the federal government and created character-driven video dramas to complement step-by-step response discussion in disaster recovery, isolation and quarantine protocols, faith-based organization disaster mobilization, terrorist and hate group intervention and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives response.

Jason joined the Berea College Marketing and Communications department in 2013, where he has led messaging and content creation to promote the unparalleled mission of an historic institution. During his tenure as a content team member producing Berea College Magazine, direct funds raised by the publication increased by a factor of ten over a six-year period. In 2021, Jason’s feature article, “Monkey Dumplins,” won a Council for Advancement and Support of Education Circle of Excellence Award at the national level.

In 2016, Jason published his debut poetry collection, These Three Remain. A short story collection, novels and memoirs are forthcoming…eventually.

  • B.A., Communication (Writing for Mass Media Concentration); University of Kentucky, 2002
  • M.F.A., Writing (Fiction); Spalding University, 2008
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