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Information For Students

Information For Students

  • Current preparation for the Theatre Laboratory
  • Aptitude for Theatre Studies
  • Seriousness for completion of the Theatre Major Department.
    • Submission of a statement describing the one aspect of Theatre which the student would most like as a career emphasis (Acting, Design, Dramaturgy, Directing, Playwriting, Administration, Stage Management, etc.).  This statement should include a self-assessment of the student’s strengths and weaknesses in this area.
    • Submission of a statement describing another aspect of Theatre the student will have as a career support or secondary interest.  For example, would-be actors may be encouraged and expected to select an area in Dramaturgy, Technology or Administration as a companion area of interest.  This statement should include a self-assessment of the student’s strengths and weaknesses in this area as well.
    • Submission of a statement indicating the reading in Theatre already accomplished.  The student should use class reading and the Reading List as a guide.
    • Submission of a projected reading list based on the works cited in the Reading List with the student will read before the first term of his/her senior year.  The Reading List should be balanced between the main career interest and the career support interest.  The proposed reading list should be both ambitious and realistic.
    • Submission of a proposed course plan for the junior and senior years, indicating the Theatre courses which are to be taken each of the four terms, as well as which support courses from other disciplines are to be taken each of the four terms.  This proposed course plan should also be given to your advisor upon entrance into the Theatre major.
    • Submission of a summer work plan, indicating desired theatre employment possibilities for the sophomore summer and the junior summer.  The student will consider the possibility of off campus internships and/or independent study during one or both of these summers.  A long-term proposal indicating the student’s post-graduate plans should also be included, particularly if the student is considering postgraduate studies.