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Theatre & Film

Welcome to the vibrant world of theatre and film at Berea College, where creativity takes center stage and storytelling comes to life!

Our Theatre & Film Department is a thriving hub of artistic expression and innovation. Whether you're a budding actor, a passionate filmmaker, an aspiring musical theatre performer, or a dedicated member of our crew, our department offers a rich tapestry of opportunities for you to explore, learn, and grow! With a range of programs, including a Theatre Major, Theatre Minor, Film Minor, and Musical Theatre Minor, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey where the spotlight is on you.

Join us as we cultivate the next generation of storytellers and stagecraft artists in a close-knit and supportive community dedicated to the pursuit of theatrical excellence!

About Us

Berea College Theatre is the primary on-campus theatre organization, producing an assortment of student and faculty-directed Mainstage productions each academic year. The Theatre Department also supports a co-curricular Labor Department, with 28 full-time positions available to students. From onstage to behind the scenes, and everything in between, students learn the foundations of a fully operating theatre through hands-on experience.

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Berea College | Jelkyl Drama Center | CPO 2148 | Berea, KY 40408 | 859-985-3300