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Many sources consider jobs related to computer science to be among the best jobs.

According to the 2018 edition of  Forbes “The 25-highest paying jobs in America”, half of the best jobs in the nation are in the field of computer and information science. Some of the top jobs are Data Scientist, Cloud Engineer, Scrum Master, Data Architect, IT Program Manager, Applications Developer, and many more.

According to the Jobs Rated Almanac, a publication of World Almanac Books of New York, NY, some jobs in computer science are some of the very “best” jobs using as criteria income, outlook, physical demand, security, stress and work environment. In fact, the top five are all careers based heavily on computer science or relating to the field. All of these jobs require at least a basic knowledge of computers, and a skill set that involves computer usage. The top five jobs according to the World Almanac of Books are, in ranked order: Actuary, Software Engineer, Computer Analyst, Mathematician, and Statistician. Many more of their top fifty jobs in their ranking involve a significant amount of computational reasoning ability and knowledge.

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