Computer Science

Computer Science

Build your best life.

We believe all people can be computer scientists!

Computer scientists have transformed the world we live in, and with a computer science degree, you can become the next leader in our technology-driven society. With four areas of concentration, hands-on curriculum, a caring and accessible faculty, and numerous labor and co-curricular opportunities, you’ll be ready to create the next great advancement in technology. Coming in 2024, our new technology building will support opportunities to explore advanced computing subjects in our interactive robotics and visualization lab, a makerspace designed to foster creativity and exploration, and a hands-on networking and security lab.

We’ve designed an inclusive curriculum that begins with the basics of programming and data structures, and culminates with advanced topics in computer science and a capstone experience. The curriculum is also flexible enough to support students starting with no prior computing experience, as well as students who've taken computer science courses prior to Berea, meeting you where you are in your computing journey. With conferences, hack-a-thons, internships, research opportunities, and a robust labor program, students graduate from the computer science major with real-world, hands-on experience that makes them competitive in today's market.

Our Learning Environment
Dr. Jan Pearce
Professor of Computer Science

We use a teaching methodology demonstrably more effective at helping people feel like they’re empowered rather than sitting down and listening to a lecture. Students work together in teams to construct and understand and grapple with the knowledge. It’s really effective.

Dr. Jan Pearce

Opportunities & Internships

Students taking CSC courses often engage with the community as part of the course requirements. For example, the students in the Database Systems course (CSC 330) create web-enabled database systems that support local businesses and organizations in their daily operations. Students in the Introduction to Robotics course (CSC 126) take their robotic creations into the community to demonstrate them to K-12 students, building excitement around CSC for future generations.

  • CSC students often spend their summers doing internships, ranging from offices on-campus to experiences in New York and California.
  • Faculty use summer as a time for research, hiring students through the work program to help complete projects. Examples include the creation of a quadruped robot using 3D printers, low-cost sensor to test for contaminated water sources, advanced game theory, and the use of drone technology to survey archaeological sites.
  • Berea College offers many student work positions within Computer Science such as CSC tutor, research assistant, and student programmer.
What Employers Say
Jason McKerr
Vice President for Engineering: Management and Automation

I hired my first Berea intern, and she went from intern to senior software engineer in less than 3 years. This has never happened in my experience. I hired my second Berea intern, and he is on the same track. I want to know what you are doing differently at Berea.

Careers & Outcomes

Buoyed by their experience in the labor program and networking opportunities, Computer Science graduates find work or continue their education in a variety of fields including:

  • Software Engineering
  • Cyber-Security and Networking
  • Information Technology
  • Financial Modeling and Predication
  • Web Design and Development
  • Supercomputing