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Jacqueline Boggs
Dr. Jacqueline (Jacci) Boggs
Assistant Professor of Business|Economics and Business
Jacci Boggs
Office Location
Office Hours
  • Monday: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Class Schedules
  • BUS 114/CSC 114 (Tue/Thur: 1:00 pm – 2:50 pm)
  • BUS 315 (Mon/Wed: 12:40 pm – 2:30 pm)
  • BUS/CSC 328 (Tue/Thur: 10:00 am – 11:50 am)
  • BUS/CSC 114: Business Applications & Programming
  • BUS/CSC 221: Management of Information Systems
  • BUS 315: Management (General Business Mgmt.)
  • BUS/CSC 328: Data Analytics
  • BUS/CSC 336: E-Commerce
Additional Departments
  • Computer Science

I earned a B.A. in Mathematics from Towson University, with a minor in Computer Science. I went on to earn an MBA from the University of California, Riverside and an M.A. in Information System Management from the Peter F. Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University. I then pivoted and earned a Ph.D. in Ministry, with an emphasis on how technology can be leveraged more efficiently and effectively to support ministerial activities from any spiritual perspective. My research spans all aspects of my degrees in that it focuses on the intersectionality of social media (an information system) and social justice (a form of ministry) with an emphasis on how social media influences users’ intent, motivation and decision to engage in social justice activism.

As an assistant professor in the Business and Computer Science departments, my role is to teach data analytics, information systems management and computer programming from both the business and the computer science viewpoints. My courses are taught from a data science lens, incorporating high levels of data analytics for data sets that come from many organizational settings such as business management, non-profit organizations, financial institutions, sports, politics, government, etc. The context of my teaching is informed by my research and by the early years of my career working in the data science and information systems industries as a Systems Engineer at IBM.

  • Ph.D., Ministry, Next Dimension University, 2008
  • M.S., Management of Information Systems, Claremont Graduate University, 2003
  • M.B.A., Finance & Management of Information Systems, University of California, 1995
  • B.A., Mathematics, Towson University, 1988
Publications & Works
  • Miller, B., Boggs, J. & Pearce, J. (2020). How to think like a data scientist [Runestone] (2nd ed.).

  • Horan, T. A., Tulu, B., Hilton, B., & Burton (Boggs), J. (2004, January). Use of online systems in clinical medical assessments: an analysis of physician acceptance of online disability evaluation systems. In System Sciences, 2004. Proceedings of the 37th Annual Hawaii International Conference on (pp. 10-pp). IEEE.