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Leah Scharlott
Dr. Leah Scharlott
Visiting Assistant Professor|Chemistry
Dr. Leah Scharlott
Office Location
MAC 425
Office Hours
  • Monday (9am - 10am)
  • Wednesday (9:30am - 11:30am)
  • Friday (11am - 12pm)

My academic journey has been characterized by my commitment to advancing the field of chemistry education. My academic pursuit of chemistry began at the College of Wooster, where I earned my B.A. in chemistry in 2019 and engaged in supramolecular organic synthesis research, focusing on host-guest chemistry. Driven by my desire to become a chemistry educator, I began doctoral studies at the University of Iowa, focusing on chemistry education research. In my research, I focus on how we can use observable events to encourage deeper reasoning in introductory chemistry with the goal of advancing equity in STEM and creating an environment where students are using the practices of scientists. I earned my M.S. in chemistry in 2022 and my Ph.D. in chemistry in 2023. In my spare time, I love to take long walks, do spa nights, and play piano and trombone!

This semester I am teaching CHM 101, CHM131, and CHM221 Lab.

  • B.A. Chemistry (College of Wooster)
  • M.S. Chemistry (University of Iowa)
  • Ph.D. Chemistry, Chemistry Education (University of Iowa)