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Chemistry is central to many of the major issues that will face society for years to come, ranging from energy and waste management to medicine and biotechnology. The program prepares students to address chemical problems dominating today’s news headlines. The Chemistry Program offers a B.A. degree with three possible concentrations: general, professional (ACS certified) and biochemistry. A minor in chemistry is also available.

Our courses also serve as collateral requirements in Biology, SENS, and Nursing. They also provide general and environmental chemistry courses to serve the entire student body.

Opportunities & Internships

  • Problem solving using both practical and quantitative reasoning skills indoctrinate the courses. The department strongly believes students should conduct research as part of their undergraduate curriculum. Current projects include phosphate glasses, organometallic synthesis/catalysis, the synthesis of organic thermoelectric materials, investigations into the specificity of certain proteins and phosphate analysis.
  • In addition, students often conduct undergraduate research at other institutions. Students also do summer internships at hospitals, pharmacies and/or chemical industry.
  • Majors assemble a Chemistry Portfolio over their junior and senior years. These insure each student has: conducted experiments in all areas of chemistry, has achieved proficiency in all major areas of instrumentation, and has attended and given seminars both inside and outside Berea College.
  • Teaching Assistants gain real-life experience running labs and instrumentation, grading academic work, and are instrumental in the tutoring program.
  • Several student awards are given to deserving chemistry majors every year. Many have been recognized by the Kentucky Academy of Science.

Careers & Outcomes

Berea Chemistry graduates gain theoretical knowledge and practical experiences through coursework, research, and work program. They are prepared for:

  • Graduate study and medical school
  • Secondary education
  • Laboratory Research

Our students have gone on to work in many fields including:

  • Chemical industrial research
  • Medicine (including doctors, physician assistants, and pharmacists)
  • Teaching (both college and secondary)

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