About the Women’s & Gender Studies Program

International Women’s Day Celebration 2016

As the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Berea continues to celebrate its 25th year anniversary, we would like to thank everyone who joined us for the International Women’s Day celebration. We would like to especially thank Dr. Vandana Shiva for taking out time and coming to Berea. She joined us in our celebration and gave an amazing speech on ‘The Road Ahead: Feminism for the 21st century.”

Women’s & Gender Studies (WGS) is an important field of study. It grew from the effort to understand gender roles and women’s historic struggle for justice throughout the world.

The WGS curriculum is interdisciplinary. Students examine the cultural construction of gender. They exercise a feminist critique of dominant power relationships:

  • familial
  • social
  • economic and
  • political

WGS organizes

  • seminars
  • workshops and
  • lectures

Through these programs faculty, staff and students learn about current developments in feminist scholarship.

“Peanut Butter and Gender” is a regular luncheon lecture series on issues of gender and culture. Distinguished scholars visit campus throughout the year.

The Women’s History Month Committee works with WGS to plan campus-wide events in March. These events celebrate women’s scholarship.

If you Major in Women’s and Gender Studies …

Women’s and Gender Studies majors have the opportunity to apply their knowledge through

  • internships
  • independent study or
  • a labor position as program assistant for the WGS program.

Special Topics Courses