Tax Information

Tax Information

The 2023 Tax Letter is now viewable on the myBerea portal.  If you are on campus, please connect to the BCSecure network before retrieving this document. As instructed in the tax letter, you will have to complete a 1040 tax form to see if you owe any taxes.  Please be sure to read the letter carefully.  We do not issue 1098-T forms.  This office cannot assist in filing taxes.

On-campus students, click here.

Off-campus students, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the My Accounts tab, then Financial Aid Information, and click on Tax Letter
  • Once there, choose the correct tax year from the dropdown. Once the tax year is selected, you will be redirected to another page.
  • Click “Download Your Tax Letter” and a PDF version will become available

Important Information

Berea College Families – it is important to be aware that Berea College students and their families are typically NOT ELIGIBLE for Education Credits when filing federal and state taxes.

  • Because 100% of tuition at Berea College is covered for all students through grants and scholarships, you do not have tuition costs that would make you eligible for the credit.
  • Although some families have out of pocket costs for housing and meals, housing and meal costs (and other personal costs) do NOT meet the IRS definition for qualified education expenses for claiming Education Credits.
  • While most students and/or their families pay some out of pocket expenses for books and required fees, which do meet the IRS definition for qualified education expenses, in almost all cases these costs will be exceeded by the student’s labor earnings. Labor earnings are considered “tax-free educational assistance” under IRS guidelines and must be subtracted from any qualified education expense in determining eligibility for the credit. For all or nearly all Berea College students, labor earnings for the year will be more than out of pocket costs for qualified expenses, meaning they are ineligible for the Education Credit.