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Committee on General Education (COGE)

The Committee on General Education, guided by the aims of the General Education curriculum, is charged with acting as the steering committee for the General Education curriculum.

In addition to its usual duties, COGE is taking on a few longer-term projects.  COGE is discussing its role in promoting sustainability content in the GSTR sequence, building the General Education portion of the Campus Guides system, and discussing ways to determine and assess the effectiveness of the General Education Curriculum.  Each course coordinator and the perspective coordinator have plans for working with their respective faculty.

Marc Rowley Chairperson, Appointed GSTR 332 Course Coordinator
Kate Egerton Appointed GSTR 110 Course Coordinator
John Heyrman Appointed GSTR 210 Course Coordinator
Edwin Broadhead Appointed GSTR 310 Course Coordinator
Billy Wooten Appointed GSTR 410 Course Coordinator
Eileen McKiernan Gonzalez Appointed Perspectives, Practical Reasoning, ALE Course Coordinator
Scott Steele Dean of Curriculum and Student Learning (ex officio)
Dylan Hunziker Student representative

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