Registration Confirmation

Registration Confirmation

  • be dropped from all of your classes,
  • not be allowed to work at your labor position, and
  • be withdrawn from the college.
    • pay all previous term accounts and
    • verify that the current term bill is paid in full or
    • submit an acceptable payment arrangement, which may include payroll deduction or student loans.
      • logging into myBerea and completing the instructions in the confirmation link or
      • going to Student Accounts, making payment arrangements, and making sure that their registration is confirmed.
        • be in attendance beginning with the first day of class (or have received approval from the instructor to be absent) and
        • have an account balance
          • that is paid in full before the first day of class for off-campus classes or
          • that will be resolved with a 40% summer paycheck deduction and expected labor hours for on-campus classes.