Class Registration

The Office of the Registrar oversees the registration process for all Berea College students. Dates for registration are published in the Academic Calendar.

Registration takes place online twice each year. This occurs generally, early/mid-November and late March/early April. Students will find this through the Academics tab in the MyBerea portal.

Use the Registration Tools portal in myBerea to:

  • Register
  • Add a class
  • Drop a class
  • Obtain more information about registration.

Registration day and time is determined by the number of credits you have earned (this does not include the credits for which you are currently enrolled). Please check the menu on myBerea for the section “Check your Registration Status” to view your assigned time for registration. This will also give you access to see if you have any holds that would prevent your registration. Any holds will need to be cleared through the office that placed the hold on your record before you can register.

Seniors                                        >= 24 credits                                           Monday 7:00 AM
Juniors                                        15 to 23.99 credits                                  Tuesday 7:00 AM
Sophomores                              7 to 14.99 credits                                    Wednesday 7:00 AM
Freshmen                                   0 to 6.99 credits                                      Thursday 7:00 AM

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