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The Purchasing Department’s function is to ensure that purchasing decisions are made that best serve the College and ensure that quality goods and services are procured efficiently and in a timely manner, at the most competitive costs and to the satisfaction of campus departments. The Purchasing Department will ensure the procurement activity is carried out professionally and ethically.

Environmentally preferable purchasing practices will be incorporated into contracts when feasible, and suppliers may be asked to provide information on their company’s green initiatives. Purchasing decisions will consider recycled content, waste minimization, and energy efficiency as integral components of the decision-making process. Berea College strives to expand and increase awareness of business opportunities for minority-owned vendors and increase our diverse supplier spend.

How to do Business with Berea College

The Purchasing Department recognizes marketing professionals as valuable sources of information, and sales representatives who offer quality products and services are welcome to visit the Purchasing Department by appointment. The purchasing department can be reached through email at Berea College desires to support Berea businesses whenever possible by purchasing locally if feasible and in compliance with this Policy.

Below is the documents needed to submit or adjust a purchase requisition. Also included is a supplier list for our E&I contracted companies, which waives the bidding requirement when used. If you are not familiar with the Purchasing Policy, please review it before making any purchases on behalf of Berea College. Please reach out to the purchasing department for questions. For questions related to purchases between $2,000 and $9,999, please contact Ashley Creekmore; for Purchases $10,000 and up, please contact Aurelia Brandenburg.


E&I Supplier List