Volunteer Opportunities with Sustainability

Volunteer Opportunities with Sustainability

  • Grow Appalachia: Berea College partners with Grow Appalachia to engage families in Appalachia by providing them with the knowledge and resources to grow their own food.
  • Habitat for Humanity: Students can volunteer their time on weekends to help with home-improvement, work at the local Habitat Re-Store, or Rent-A-Worker projects. The annual Habitat International Collegiate Challenge allows students to reach out to low-income communities across the country every spring.
  • People Who Care: Students can serve at local shelters, work with the Fair Trade University Campaign, and help raise awareness about local issues like domestic violence, homelessness, fair trade, among others.
  • Brushy Fork Annual Clean-up: Held every spring, the Brushy Fork Clean-up allows students to volunteer to pick up garbage and recycling dumped into the Brushy Fork Creek adjacent to Alumni Fields.