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Non-Traditional Student Program

Non-Traditional Student Program

Non-Traditional Student Program

Non-traditional students are Berea College students that are 23 years of age or older, and/or are married, and/or have children. Non-traditional students at Berea College have many resources including the Non-Traditional Student Center, Ecovillage, the Non-Traditional Student Association, and Programs throughout the year.

Non-traditional students have several living options while attending Berea College.

  • They may live in a residence hall and receive a meal plan.
  • They may apply to live off campus. This application can be found at the Student Life Office or here. If off-campus housing is approved, it is critical to communicate with the Financial Aid office to work out your housing and budgetary needs. A non-traditional student who chooses this option should expect to locate their own housing and roommates.
  • If the non-traditional student is married and/or a parent, they may apply to live in one of the 50 apartments in the Ecovillage with their spouse and/or children.
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  • Fill out and send your FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Work with Financial Aid on your specific budget needs, particularly if you will be living off-campus in an apartment or in the Ecovillage. Phone: (859) 985-3310 | E-mail:
  • Return health forms and immunization records to Student Health Services. Health Services is located at Berea Primary Care Clinic on the second floor of Saint Joseph Berea Hospital. Phone: (859) 985-1415
  • Have your primary medical provider transfer medical records
  • Finalize housing plans
  • Organize installation of utilities
    • Berea Municipal Utilities | Address: 212 Chestnut Street | Phone: (859) 986-4391
    • Southern Madison Water District | Address: 207 N Dogwood Drive | Phone: (859) 986-0942
    • Delta Gas | Address: 129 Glades Road | Phone: (859) 986-4291
    • Poff Carting (Garbage collection) | Phone: (606) 877-7760
  • Begin saving money to pay for upcoming bills
    • Rent deposit (Ecovillage apartments do not require a deposit)
    • $240 deposit needed for electric/water at Berea Municipal Utilities (Ecovillage residents must pay this); for those off-campus under Southern Madison district – their deposit is $80.00
    • $95 for gas stoves if applicable
  • Plan your move
  • Contact your admissions counselor to notify them of your Berea address (not necessary for Ecovillage residents)
  • Click here to fill out a change of address form at the Post Office
  • Obtain a parking decal from Public Safety. Public Safety is located in the Woods-Penn building on campus. Phone: (859) 985-3333 | E-mail:
  • For alternative housing options outside of the Ecovillage | E-mail: to obtain an off-campus application and return it to the Student Life office on the third floor of Woods-Penn
  • If you are living off campus complete an online application with Community Based Services to apply for SNAP (Food Stamps) and/or Medicaid (see Social Services Checklist for more information)
  • If your Berea residence is a Section 8 approved facility, you can apply for Section 8 once you move into your home. Please do this immediately upon arrival as there is a long waiting list. To obtain an application, contact HUD Office | Phone: (859) 623-4246; if moving into the Ecovillage, get the application from Elaine Adams | Phone: (859) 985-3179
  • If you have already filed an application with Section 8 in another location, please contact them with your new address.


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