Celebrating Berea’s Labor Day

Celebrating Berea’s Labor Day

Berea, Kentucky - On February 27, 2024, Berea College will pause its regular activities to celebrate its annual on-campus Labor Day. This day-long event is dedicated to recognizing and honoring the invaluable contributions of students to the campus work community while providing them with a day of unique opportunities for professional growth and development.

Labor Day, an eagerly awaited annual tradition at Berea College, underscores the importance of student employment and its integral and distinctive role in students’ educational experiences. As a Work College, Berea prides itself on fostering an environment where students excel academically and cultivate essential skills and experiences that prepare them for success beyond graduation through work, learning, and service.

This year's Labor Day theme is “Elevate Your Success,” reflecting Berea College’s commitment to empowering its student employees to reach new heights in their personal and professional endeavors. The day will kick off with a celebratory breakfast, a warm welcome from the Dean of Labor, Dr. Collis Robinson, and opening remarks from President Cheryl Nixon.

Because of our unique Work College model, Berea College can meet each student’s financial aid needs like no other institution. Every student works a guaranteed four-year on-campus job—they “pay off college as they go” and graduate with the lowest college debt in the nation.

  • Every single Berea student receives a Tuition and Work Scholarship package:
  • Tuition Promise Scholarship
  • Work Scholarship through the Labor Program
  • Additional grants and scholarships, including funded study abroad and internships
  • Every single Berea student receives the maximum-allowable funding under federal guidelines—100% of their “demonstrated financial need” 
  • Berea students graduate with the lowest college debt in the nation

In addition, our Work College model ensures that students graduate with workplace, interpersonal, and critical and creative thinking skills. Throughout Labor Day, students will participate in a series of engaging professional development sessions tailored to enhance their skills and knowledge in various areas. From leadership workshops to resume-building seminars, the agenda is carefully designed to help students thrive in their current roles and future career pursuits. We are excited to celebrate as a campus community the vast educational benefits of being a Work College.