Berea College Featured on “CBS This Morning: Saturday”

Berea College Featured on “CBS This Morning: Saturday”

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“CBS This Morning: Saturday” featured Berea College in a broadcast about the rising cost of attending college on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019. The show highlighted Berea’s unique no-tuition policy as a model to curb that national trend.
The CBS segment focused on Dave Bell ‘19, a senior computer science major from Morgantown, West Virginia. Co-host Michelle Miller and producer Vidya Singh visited campus to learn about the College’s no-tuition policy and see how Berea makes a high-quality education accessible to students who can least afford it. Miller interviewed Dave and followed him to his classes, work assignment and athletic practice to capture a typical “day in the life” for a Berea College student. Like most of Berea’s students, Dave is a first-generation, full-need student who excels academically and in the Labor Program.
The segment included interviews with other students, President Lyle Roelofs and Admissions Director Luke Hodson ‘02.